Mc LEHM TRADUCTORES, S.L.U. (Mc LEHM) is a language services provider that renders added-value translation, interpretation and ancillary services.

Mc LEHM strives for quality by exceeding its clients’ expectations, and by continually improving its processes and the satisfaction of its clients, its team and its LSPs.

Mc LEHM strives to keep information assets secure, as these are the most strategic and sensitive asset it possesses, and guarantees:

  • ACCESSIBILITY: Mc LEHM uses project management software that allows duly authorised clients and LSPs access to documentation at any time to safeguard from the possibility of any kind of incident.
  • CONFIDENTIALITY: Mc LEHM will never disclose information to unauthorised third parties. Paper documentation and files that can be sent electronically or via the its client or LSP portal will be handled with the utmost confidentiality by all our authorised users.
  • INTEGRITY: information will be accurate and complete.

Mc LEHM builds in an integrated management and information security system (IMS) into all its processes, in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards. Its translation services are compliant with ISO 17100 and its postediting services with ISO 18587.

Thanks to its integrated management system, Mc LEHM guarantees all its stakeholders that it meets information quality and security requirements in all its processes, providing the necessary resources internally (technical resources with the appropriate security measures and control over its team processes) and external resources (commitments to information quality and security and other ad hoc quality and security clauses with LSPs and external suppliers).

The Mc LEHM information quality and security policy is guided by the following guidelines:


  1. It considers the changing climate of the languages sector and supports Mc LEHM’s mission: To facilitate communications between enterprises to foster international growth.
  2. It establishes a benchmark for setting quality and information security targets that are compatible with that benchmark and purpose. Mc LEHM sets yearly objectives and performs periodic follow ups to monitor compliance and take corrective actions and updates, where necessary.
  3. It develops quality and security risk analysis and management for information to identify, assess and classify risks, to subsequently put into place corrects measures and the pertinent improvements.
  4. It minimises and prevents information quality and security incidents by implementing actions in case of any incident.
  5. It establishes quality and security roles and responsibilities that translate into an effective allocation of functions.
  6. It ensures that all the Mc LEHM’s processes, products and services meet fulfil the requirements of the client and other interest parties, as well as any other legal or regulatory requirements or that Mc LEHM may sign in respect of information quality and security.
  7. It implements the necessary resources to guarantee business continuity.
  8. It continually improves the effectiveness of IMS, by:
    • Annual audits to enable improvement plans to be established.
    • Annual system reviews, assessing the operations of the company, the outcome of audits, non-conformities, corrective actions and other improvements, and client satisfaction.
    • Establishment of indicators and objectives, monitoring their degree of compliance and the implementation of the appropriate adjustments in the event of deviations.
    • Instruction, justification and fostering of the engagement of the team and LSPs in the management and development of the IMS, which include ongoing skills updates through an open training plan that will be reviewed regularly, to determine whether they are aligned with the objective set and to measure their effectiveness. Training is also given through information quality and security communications.
  9. It ensures that the technical and organisational measures adopted to safeguard continued confidentiality, integrity, accessibility and resilience in the processing systems and services.
  10. It allows those individuals who have provided Mc LEHM with their personal data to exercise their right of access, rectification and erasure, portability, restriction and objection to processing, transparency and the right not to be object to automated individual decisions. Likewise, it allows them to submit a claim or complaint, at any time, in relation to these rights to the Ombudsman. To exercise these rights or to not receive advertisements, the data subject must send an email to or write to Mc LEHM TRADUCTORES, S.L.U.: calle García Paredes, 88 bajo derecha, 28010, Madrid.

The management team at Mc LEHM commits to driving this Policy, which is included as a core part of its company policy. It agrees to disclose and disseminate it to all stakeholders, clients, team members, LSPs and external providers, and to guarantee their understanding and access to it, in order to pursue the objectives set.

Mc LEHM may modify this Policy so that it reflects legislative changes, changes in case law or in company policy.


Madrid, 20 october 2022