Don’t miss out on your discount: come and join Mc LEHM in celebrating Black Mc-Friday

Mc LEHM is joining in the celebration of Black Friday for the first time this year by offering a 10% discount on all orders received this 27 November.

About Black Friday:

Black Friday is celebrated the day after Thanksgiving and gives the starting signal for the Christmas shopping season with major discounts.

There are several theories regarding the name of this celebration and why the word “black”, historically associated with various types of disasters, is used to describe this Friday.

One of these theories asserts that the term was coined by the Philadelphia Police Department as a result of the traffic jams and crowds produced on this day.

Another theory refers to the colour of the ink used in accounting departments when profits begin to accrue, as the red numbers would change into black ones thanks to the increase in sales during the pre-Christmas shopping season.

Over the years, there have been several attempts to rename Black Friday to remove the term “Black”; however, all of these efforts have been fruitless, and both the tradition and the name now enjoy international recognition.

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