Mc LEHM supports the HM Hospitales Research Foundation

Once again this year Mc LEHM has shown its social commitment and responsibility by holding the Mc LEHM Charity Jumble Sale for the fifth consecutive year. The whole Mc LEHM team and Management have been involved, since the first edition in 2011, in the organisation of different activities to raise funds and thus contribute to a worthy cause.

On this occasion, the selected charity was the HM Hospitales Research Foundation.

The main objective of this foundation, created in 2003, is to promote and manage the development of biomedical research, development and innovation, useful for both patients and doctors, which contributes to the clinical application of new technologies and products for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases, with the aim of developing personalised medicine.

NH Hospitales Research Foundation currently has several ongoing projects, including:

1. Creation of innovative ways to treat tumours.

2. Development of projects directed at families which need economic support for combined rehabilitation and physiotherapy in hospital and at a swimming pool located close to the hospital.

3. Funding for palliative home care with 24-hour nursing care, locating the necessary professionals.

Mc LEHM and its whole team, aware of the importance of the work of this foundation, wanted to show its support and therefore did not want to miss out on the opportunity to join a vital cause for medical research in Spain.

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