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offers solutions

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Types of solutions


A type of translation for every need: simple, sworn, automatic, audio-visual and specialised, which, in turn, is broken down in three different lines depending on the specific purpose of the translation.

At Mc LEHM, we advise you on the type of translation you need for every situation, always guaranteeing the usual optimum quality of our projects.


We have as many as 4 modes of interpreting: consecutive, simultaneous, sworn and telephone.

At Mc LEHM, we advise you on the mode of interpreting you need for every situation, always guaranteeing the usual optimum quality of our projects.


With our editing service, we go beyond the simple correction of a text by means of monolingual revision, to guarantee that it fulfils the purpose for which it was written and to ensure its linguistic, terminological and stylistic adequacy.

This solution is ideal for journalistic, advertising and marketing texts.


With our localisation service, we go beyond a simple translation by adapting the translated content to the target language culture.

This is ideal for advertising and marketing content, video games, software, apps for mobile phones and tablets, multimedia content, websites, etc.


With our post-editing service, we offer you a meticulous revision by our specialist linguists, adaptation and formatting of the text previously generated by a translation engine (automatic translation).

This solution complements automatic translation and is essential to guarantee the quality of the translation.

Website auditing

With our website auditing service, we check the suitability of the translation of your website into the different languages and the stylistic uniformity between the different versions. Additionally, we advise you on the possible reactions that a translation could cause in a certain culture.

Translation implant

With our translation implant solution, we go beyond standard translation and give you the opportunity to bring a translation team to your offices.

This solution is ideal for projects that, due to their specifications or confidential nature, are best carried out in-situ.

Identification and translation
of critical documentation

With our identification service, we offer a particularly interesting solution for the translations of large volumes of documentation. We detect and identify the critical documentation, the translation of which is required for a specific purpose, in order to minimise costs and translation time.

Intercultural communication

With our consulting solution, we offer the organisation of workshops to strengthen professional communication. This includes learning cultural behaviour parameters, personal patterns, emotional expressions, non-verbal communication, values, norms, etc.


With our transcription service, we offer you the opportunity to put content in audio-visual format in writing. It is usually subsequently complemented with our translation service into any of our available language combinations.


With our stenotypy service, we offer you the possibility to record the content and development of any meeting in real time by means of shorthand with a keyboard, which makes it possible to perform keystrokes with one or more keys pressed simultaneously, generating syllables or whole words.

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