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Document translation

Document translation

  • Human translation
  • Post-editing
  • Machine translation
  • Sworn translation
  • Editing
  • Transcreation
  • Translation of financial documentation

Translation plus

Translation plus

  • DTP
  • Document legalisation and apostilles
  • Anonymisation
  • Transcription
  • Stenotypy



  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Simultaneous interpreting
  • Remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI)
  • Sworn interpreting

Audiovisual translation

Audiovisual translation

  • Dubbing
  • Subtitling
  • Voice-over

Multimedia localisation

Multimedia localisation

  • Video games localisation
  • Websites localisation
  • Software localisation
  • Multimedia content localisation
  • Mobile application localisation
  • E-learning localisation



  • Website search engine optimisation
  • Website auditing
  • Website accessibility
  • Website performance
  • Website compatibility testing

Data management

Data management

  • Document management
  • Data custody

Linguistic consulting

Linguistic consulting

  • Selection of multilingual personnel
  • On-site linguist
  • Linguistic consulting
  • Communication skills in another language

Accessible communication

Accessible communication

  • Spanish sign language interpreting
  • Subtitling for the hard of hearing
  • Audio description service for persons with vision impairment
  • Language simplification

Types de services

Human translation

If quality is your priority, opt for human translation!

TickTranslation performed by our professional translators with exhaustive revision by our QA team.

TickQuality certified by the ISO 17100 translation standard.

TickOver 1,000 linguists with an average of 10 years’ experience at your disposal.


Linguistic technology and experience working hand in hand!

TickTranslation processed by a translation engine with the aid of translation memories, terminology databases and glossaries, then rigorously edited by our post-editing team.

TickQuality certified by the ISO 18587 post-editing standard.

Tick2,500+ translation memories and 650+ supporting glossaries.

Machine translation

The fastest, most economical solution when you need to understand the original text in a target language!

TickTranslation processed by a translation engine with the aid of translation memories and specific terminology databases, then superficially revised by our QA team.

TickNeural machine with state-of-the-art structured cloning and transformer architecture, trained daily in each specialist area.

Tick2,500+ translation memories and 650+ supporting glossaries.

Sworn translation

We can provide you with that last-minute sworn translation to complete your paperwork!

TickOfficial translations required for certain administrative procedures.

TickElectronic signatures strengthen security and help minimise environmental impact.

TickNetwork of over 10,000 sworn translators certified by Spain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation.


Convey your ideas clearly, precisely and effectively!

TickImprove your text by correcting errors and adapting the style and tone to your target audience.

TickOptimise content for various platforms, ensuring it meets the requirements and formats specific to each.

TickCustomise content to meet the particular needs and preferences of your target audience.


Expand your international reach and transcend linguistic and cultural barriers!

TickRecreate the contents of a document by creatively and comprehensively adapting it, bringing it to life in another language while maintaining the intention and emotion of the original.

TickImprove effective communication and clarity, ensuring optimal transmission of your message.

TickBoost global competitiveness by adapting your message to different markets.

Translation of financial documentation

Bid farewell to the communication challenges that plague investor relations departments!

TickTranslate and manage all your financial documents to ensure they are accessible and available in the languages of your target markets.

TickTeam of analysts, PMs and linguists with over 25 years’ experience in financial translation and document management.

TickFor more information, please visit Mc LEHM Emisores


Prep texts before using translation tools or complete the formatting before the final publication!

TickFormat your texts before or after translation. We adapt to your specific needs, offering solutions in both stages.

TickBoth machine and AI translation options are available.

TickReceive publication-ready documents.

Document legalisation and apostilles

Stop wasting time with arcane document validation procedures!

TickWe’ll handle all the administrative procedures necessary to ensure your foreign documents are valid and recognised by the necessary bodies.

TickComprehensive management of the process, from translation to obtaining apostilles and authenticating signatures.

TickGuaranteed compliance with the legal requirements and acceptance criteria in force at all times.


Ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Act!

TickEliminate the identifying information of any natural or legal person, as well as data related to that person, making it impossible to attribute sensitive information to a particular individual.

TickOpt for permanent or reversible removal, based on your needs.

TickWe respect the security, privacy and confidentiality of your data.


Broaden the scope and dissemination of your content!

TickConvert audio or video content to written format in the same language.

TickUpload content into various formats or media.

TickImprove content accessibility.


Read on a screen the words being spoken in another language or your own and immediately understand what you’re seeing!

TickRecord the content of any meeting in real time using a shorthand typing method that transcribes spoken words into written text.

TickAlternative to spoken translation with headphones.

TickAccessibility for the hard of hearing.

Consecutive interpreting

For maximum precision, choose CI!

TickThe interpreter stands near the speaker and reproduces the dialogue in segments using a special note-taking technique.

TickMore than 3,000 AIICC and AICE members.

TickNo technical equipment required.

Simultaneous interpreting

Make your event scalable with simultaneous interpreting!

TickReal-time interpreting performed in a soundproof booth.

TickMore than 3,000 AIICC and AICE members.

TickRequires a booth, receivers, sound equipment and technical assistance.

Remote simultaneous interpreting(RSI)

Use the latest technology and eliminate the need to travel by opting for online interpreting!

TickInterpreters use the latest-generation online platform to perform simultaneous interpreting.

TickSave on travel and equipment costs. Reduce your environmental impact.

TickRequires the use of an online interpreting platform.

Sworn interpreting

Trust the most secure and flexible sworn interpreting service available!

TickSworn interpreters are responsible for delivering the speaker’s message to a judge or other competent authority.

TickSworn interpreting is essential to overcome language barriers and ensure that documents and communications are understandable and accepted in different jurisdictions.

TickAccess a network of over 6,000 sworn interpreters certified by Spain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation.


Immerse your audience in the story for maximum enjoyment!

TickSubstitute the original audio track of a video, film, television programme or any audiovisual production with a new recording that reproduces the dialogue and additional sound elements in another language.

TickFacilitates access to a global audience and enhances the material’s impact and visibility.

TickImproves acceptance in different markets.


For a truly authentic experience, preserve the original sound while breaking down language barriers!

TickTranslate or transcribe a film’s dialogue or other sound elements by adding text or subtitles to the screen, generally at the bottom.

TickAllows viewers to enjoy content in the source language, preserving the authenticity of the original voices, while providing comprehension through written translation.

TickFacilitates accessibility for the hard of hearing.


Capture your audience’s senses!

TickCreate a voice recording to communicate information verbally.

TickAdds emotion, tone and personality to the narrative.

TickFacilitates accessibility for persons with vision impairment.

Video games localisation

Make your video game truly universal!

TickCustomise your video game for worldwide distribution. Translate text, dialogue, graphics and other elements into languages specific to each region, and adapt culturally relevant content to suit the target audience.

TickAccess new markets in a profitable way.

TickImprove the gaming experience.

Websites localisation

Localise your website for global accessibility!

TickTranslate and adapt your website to the target audience, taking into account linguistic and cultural differences.

TickCreate a uniform, identifiable experience using the same voice and message in different languages.

TickTo learn more about website localisation, please visit Mc LEHM Language Services!

Software localisation

Take your software global!

TickAdapt software programs to ensure they are functional, understandable and culturally relevant to users in different countries or regions.

TickImprove the user experience: programs will appear as if created in the users’ native tongue, rather than a translation.

TickAdapt to the legal and regulatory requirements of each country.

Multimedia content localisation

Expand your scope and impact by localising your multimedia content!

TickAdapt your multimedia content to each target market, so that it appears as though originally created in the target language.

TickEnhanced user experience.

TickStrengthen trust and credibility.

Mobile application localisation

Penetrate new markets with your mobile apps by delivering a satisfying user experience to meet local expectations!

TickAdapt any application to the legal and linguistic requirements of a given country or region, taking into account linguistic, cultural, technical and programming language differences to ensure total functionality.

TickEnhanced user experience.

TickComply with local requirements and adapt to the target culture.

E-learning localisation

Train your team on a global scale while saving time and money!

TickTranslate and adapt teaching materials to suit the target culture and guarantee effective training.

TickAccess a wide range of services, including voice integration, subtitling and the localisation of materials, such as photos, Flash animation, surveys and interactions.

TickIncrease your team’s productivity.

TickImprove the consistency of teaching materials.

Website search engine optimisation

Boost your online presence and increase business opportunities!

TickOptimise your website to improve search-engine visibility.

TickImprove online visibility and boost qualified traffic.

TickCreate new business opportunities and stimulate substantial growth.

Website auditing

Tap into new markets, internationalising your company with a website translated and adapted to the target market!

TickAudit your website to ensure the text is translated correctly (using the appropriate local idioms), devoid of design errors and fully functional.

TickEnhanced user confidence.

TickImproved marketing campaigns.

Website accessibility

Make your website accessible to persons with disabilities and become a socially responsible company!

TickWe review and adapt your website or application to meet the EN 301 549 European standard for digital accessibility.

TickAdaptation to Spanish regulations.

TickEnhance your company’s image and reputation.

Website performance

Cut costs and ensure the optimal functioning of your website!

TickConduct a performance test on your website and/or application to ensure correct sizing and make adjustments as needed.

TickLearn about your site’s performance under load.

TickAssess maximum usage peaks during commercial campaigns.

Website compatibility testing

Ensure your website and/or app is compatible with all devices and displays correctly on mobile phones, tablets and computers!

TickPerform compatibility tests of your software, app and/or website to ensure it functions properly and can be displayed correctly on all operating systems, browsers and devices.

TickReduce losing customers due to errors when viewing your app on mobile phones or tablets.

TickOptimise developments, making them more user-friendly for all devices.

Document management

Guarantee document availability and version control, and perform quick content searches!

TickDesign an advanced document storage system with editing and version-control functions, using state-of-the-art programs, security software and servers tailored to your needs.

TickProtect your most important documentation.

TickVersion control and lossless recovery from any previous version.

Data custody

Keep your documents safe, secure and available at all times!

TickDesign a storage and labelling system for your organisation’s documents, digitising those that you need, using multiple servers, the latest programs, data encryption, and storage in data bunkers safe from power cuts and environmental disasters.

TickOptimise costs and scalability based on your needs.

TickGuaranteed 24-hour access, with standardised and certified access procedures.

Selection of multilingual personnel

Get the talent that will lead your company to international success!

TickConduct a multilingual personnel selection process to create a qualified team that can communicate effectively in international settings.

TickAccess an extensive network of talent.

TickGain a strategic advantage in a globalised marketplace.

On-site linguist

Improve relations with international clients and work teams!

TickCreate a team of linguistic professionals to work on site, integrated within your team and ready to provide fast and accurate translations in real time, attend meetings or presentations, and assist in any situation that requires swift interpreting or translation.

TickWe ensure maximum confidentiality for your company.

TickCustomised service, tailored to your needs, schedules and requirements.

Linguistic consulting

Optimise your company’s global communication to overcome language barriers and achieve international success!

TickLocalisation strategies: we adapt your services and content to the linguistic and cultural preferences of each market.

TickCultural adaptation: we offer advice on cultural and linguistic differences to prevent misunderstandings and ensure effective and respectful communication.

TickContent review: we edit your documents, marketing materials and corporate communications to guarantee the appropriate style.

Communication skills in another language

Communicate effectively in other languages and open up new business opportunities! Operate confidently and fluently in international settings!

TickDesign a customised plan to develop the skills necessary to express yourself fluently and communicate effectively in any situation.

TickThis remarkably practical approach is designed to provide you with the tools necessary to improve your comprehension, speaking and written skills.

TickMaximum flexibility adapted to your schedule.

Spanish sign language interpreting

Break down the barriers faced by Deaf and hard-of-hearing people, and promote equal opportunities!

TickSign language interpreting is the process of translating or facilitating communication between Deaf people who use sign language and hearing people who do not know it sufficiently or at all. This form of interpreting involves translating sign language into spoken language and vice versa to facilitate mutual understanding.

TickAccess a network of more than 2,000 qualified advanced sign language interpreters.

TickAn exercise in social responsibility.

Subtitling for the hard of hearing

Improve access to audiovisual media for the hard of hearing!

TickSubtitle any type of audiovisual content and make it accessible to the hard of hearing, in accordance with the UNE 153010:2012 standard on subtitling for the Deaf and hard of hearing.

TickAn exercise in social responsibility.

TickReach a broader audience.

Audio description service for persons with vision impairment

Improve access to audiovisual media for persons with vision impairment!

TickAudio narration includes, in an audio description script, everything a person with vision impairment cannot perceive from the on-screen image, providing information about key visual elements.

TickCompliance with the UNE 153020:2005 standard on audio description.

TickExtended audio description for DVD, Blu-Ray and online video content that can be paused when necessary to provide a full description of upcoming visual elements in a given scene.

Language simplification

Reach an unlimited audience with simple language!

TickWe review your content, giving it the simplicity, clarity and precision necessary to improve its efficiency prior to translation.

TickReduces document libraries.

TickImproves the quality and content of the customer experience.

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